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Little Imaginations Developmental & Learning Center is a Type III Learning Center serving children 6 weeks to 4 years old. We have been in business for 20 years with a change of ownership in January 2021. Navigate this website for information concerning our programs, facility, and to meet our wonderful staff.



Our infant program provides every infant with a stimulating and secure environment, with plenty of attention from caring adults. Personalized schedules and tender interactions throughout the day encourage them to learn, develop and grow in their own way.

Through our partnership with parents, we encourage communication, by sharing information daily to provide your child with the best experience possible. A daily diary, which details your child’s feedings, diapering, naps, activities, moods, problems or concerns, and supplies needed, will be among this important communication.



Our toddler program continues to provide each toddler with a stimulating and secure environment. Little imaginations are sparked, by encouraging independent exploration, small group interactions, free-play, and quiet time, through Learning and Discovery activities.



HighReach curriculum is used allowing preschool children to experience the joy of learning through stories, books, letters, early writing experiences, as well as, technology. Each preschool age child will participate in computer activities designed to encourage learning while having fun.

Preschoolers will begin to learn basic math concepts, social skills, and enjoy creative activities like coloring, singing, games, and drama. Through the use of the Learning and Discovery Centers in the preschool classrooms, each child’s development is supported by providing an environment with many exciting opportunities for individual exploration and small group activities – of course, with plenty of staff encouragement throughout the day.

Developmental & Learning


At Little Imaginations Developmental & Learning Center, our programs are designed to promote your child’s developmental and learning skills based on proven techniques, and out individualized attention.

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I can work with your child and ensure they remain proficient in their core subjects, and enjoy learning along the way. I am a time served and qualified teaching professional, and I‘m ready now to help.